Lubricants? Always! to enhance sexual pleasure to the maximum

Sex and pain must not be united. Healthy and pleasant sexual relations should not involve pain or unpleasant feelings. Therefore, lubricants play a fundamental role.

lubricants to enjoy sex

Vaginal lubrication is produced by the secretion of vaginal discharge, a viscous fluid secreted by the cervix and walls of the vagina for different purposes. One of them is to act as a natural antibiotic, keeping the vagina safe from infections. Vaginal discharge is also a lubricant that promotes clitoris function during masturbation.

This fluid occurs naturally both in the preparation of the organ for sexual intercourse, as well as in the initial and final stages of menstruation, during ovulation and masturbation, among many other cases.

Why don’t we always lubricate?

There may be several reasons why we do not lubricate: taking antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and other drugs, as well as some birth control pills. It is also common for us to feel dryness in the face of hormonal changes, for example during menopause. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs can affect both female lubrication and sexual desire.

Sometimes the lack of female lubrication is not due to anything other than the lack of caresses, kissing and other erotic stimulation. Therefore, it is important that during sexual intercourse we devote time to erotic play and not focus only on vaginal penetration.

Consequences of poor lubrication.

Scarce lubrication can cause infections in the vagina as well as decreased sexual desire.

It can also be an obstacle to sexual intercourse, as penetration can be painful or bothersome, and this can cause a woman to avoid sex.

Pain in sexual intercourse is a problem. Don’t accept it as a natural thing.

The solution: Lubricants.

Some brilliant mind invented water-based lubricant. By incorporating it into your sexual relations you will not only avoid dryness, but you will also have more and better feelings.

There is a lot of variety on the market, for all tastes and to continuously innovate.

They are compatible with condoms, hypoallergenic and are edible.

There are also specific ones for anal sex, with relaxing properties that help dilatation.

The lubricant will make you enjoy sex much more, whether it is sex alone or in company. Caress with lubricant your genitals, your clitoris, the sex of your partner, distributing it with gentle caresses. This stimulation is undoubtedly an excellent path to orgasm.

Take advantage of the variety of edible flavors to practice oral sex, the new sensations will make your sexual experiences something very special.

There are so many lubricant options on the market that you will surely find the right one for special occasions and varied sexual activities. You’ll also find lubricants that provide cold or heat effect. You can try different ones until you find your favorite.

It is advisable to receive advice from professionals who will advise you to choose the best one according to the occasion.

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