The secret to strong erections

In the last decade, progress in understanding these mechanisms has been spectacular. Globally, it was known that in the so-called central erection, visual and olfactory stigmos are processed in the felling centers of the brain and that information travels through the nerves to the penis, passing through the sacral and sympathetic centers of the spinal cord. Usually, sexual erection combines these vias with a reflex response-the order does not go through the brain-to strokes on the penis. And so, erection finally occurs when blood enters the penis and gets trapped. under pressure in the spongy tissue of the cavernous bodies, for which the smooth muscle surrounding these tissues and that of the blood vessels will have before it has relaxed. Muscle tone is regulated by a balance in the secretion of various substances that are already constricting and relaxing, by the nerves (which release neurotransmitters) and the endothelium (the layer of ceilings that covers the tissues and is in direct contact with the blood).

secret for a strong erection

The substances responsible for erection were a mystery until it was discovered in the laboratory run by Sa? enz de Tejada that the nitric oxyde, the famous NO (nitric oxyde), named in 1992 as Science magazine’s moleula of the year in 1992, also played a leading role here. In erectile dysfunction, the nitric oxyde synthesis is blocked. Without nitric oxude ear there is no erection.

Without nitric oxyde (NO) there was no erection, but the researchers dropped to an even more basic level and found that the production of this molecule depends entirely on the amount of oxygen in the blood of the penis. Exposing cavernous body tissue from the rabbit penis to partial low oxigen pressures (between 25 and 35 milli? meters of mercury) blocks the nitric oxyde synthesis (NO), unlike if there is a high concentration of molecular oxygen “, says Sa? enz de Tejada. This explains,”he continues,” the impotence in people with vascular problems, because not enough blood enters the penis, nor oxygen with it. It also introduces the idea that the normally three or five nighttime erections are a fine-tuning, necessary given the low concentrations of oxigen present in the penis most of the time, when it is flacid.

In addition, this equipment also studied what happened in cavernous body tissues that were chromatically submitted to hypoxic states, as in the case of patients with impotence. They develop structural alterations whose effect, among others, is the loss of tissue distendability. They are the advanced stages of erectile dysfunction, and they are connected to the permanent lack of oxygen.

It’s the first time this has ever happened to me

Men tend to view isolated or frequent episodes of ere ctile insufficiency (poorly called “impotence”) as shameful and a sign of little hunger. No one would consider “less man” to be anything but varicose because he was diabetic or hypertensive. However, a simple pathology such as the physiological difficulty of reaching or maintaining an erection continues to be a source of embarrassment, if not mockery. All men know, or believe they know, what an erectile dysfunction is, even though they have not suffered it at any time in their lives, and many cross their fingers when they hear of it. But do you all know how the erection that produces so many satisfactions in your ego originates? What? It is necessary for it to generate satisfactorily?

The funniest and most knowledgeable people would reply to this question in an pispa? s, because they have learned that the main thing of all is to be very macho, and the vision of a great body is enough for everything to be set in motion, hard and ready for what comes, but we already know that in matters of sex, not sexuality, some people think they know everything. Unfortunately, it is not so simple, because many men live with anxiety and frustration their sexual encounters. Excitement, desire and desire are not lacking.

Nitric oxide: the key factor for erections

New research finds that the nitric oxyde functions as a neurotransmitter. The body makes it when needed, because it cannot be stored as it does with other neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, noradrenaline). The latter has been attributed interventions in the functions of learning and memory, but where it has appeared most clearly its intervention is in the ere ctile response.

The succession of events that induce a complete erection begins with the release of nitric oxyde into the nerve endings of the pylar and penile region, triggered by erotic thoughts or physical stigmata. Nitric oxyde rust causes the relaxation of the muscles, dilation of the corpus cavernosum and blood vessels of the penis. When the muscles relax, there is an empty effect that sucks blood from the arteries. There is an immediate consequence: increased blood supply and dilation of penile tissues.

The discovery of the oxyde is of great importance for two reasons: on the one hand, it has served to confirm that the ere ctile response of the sexual arousal phase is a relaxing physiological phenomenon, which in turn explains why the parasympathic subsystem is responsible for the orders that trigger the process. On the other hand, it has been the starting point that has been used to create Viagra, a medicine that potentiates the nitric oxyde by neutralizing the PD5 (responsible for reducing levels of nitric oxyde and that is generated to put an end to erections) and causes the voluntary erection (many times unnecessary remedy, when the problems of ere ctile dysfunction is not necessary). Likewise, this finding will provide various options for the treatment of erythrocyte dysfunction caused by diabetes, as excess sugar reduces the production of nitric oxyde.

The fact that miraculous Viagra bases its action on the nitric oxyde gives an idea of how necessary it is for erection to occur.

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