Sex Turns Girls in a Good Humor

Although, dear readers, this is not always the case, I confess that, following that command of “do more than you like” in search of happiness, I find myself in this situation.

And, you know me, I love sex.

I am not a nymphomaniac nor do I live thinking all day long like you, my dear little boys. But when I can and when I want, I try to get him to turn around. But my head needs other stimuli. And times.

And a boyfriend I had insisted on wanting to fuck very often.

One is not of iron, many times it coincided with my sexual desires but many other times I didn’t feel like it. And he would explain my mistake. She told me I wouldn’t open up to be horny all day. For example, it’s very nice for me to be without a bra, but sometimes the rubbing of the cloth with my nipples makes me more upset than excited. And being without panties, you girls know that’s often problematic.

And we usually think less about naked bodies than they do.

Until I found something different.

Before I went looking for the famous Chinese balls, I read a lot. Its great effect is to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Almost without realizing it, by holding them back, preventing them from falling, you force them over and over again. And they serve.

But there’s something else I didn’t imagine. At least for many of us.

Looking through the options, I decided on some wonderful ones. They are medium, two, joined by a very tight string. I was always afraid you’d stay inside the shell and never come out again. Exaggerated? Yeah, but I’m like that.

These, when they collide with each other, produce a delicate movement, as if they want to settle in such a narrow space.

So, after choosing them, I met Pablo, my then insistent boyfriend at home.

I admit it always took me a while to get a tampon, but the anxiety this time played to the side of unconscious lubrication. And it was delicious.

Pablo was more excited than me, I think. His idea was that I would have them on while we were going to an Expo, where inevitably we would have to walk a lot.

After a shower, I jumped into bed naked. He was there, knowing that none of it would end up in sex right there, but he collaborated to make this whole experience more enjoyable. First kisses on the neck and cheeks. Then he went on with my ears and eyes… he got closer to my mouth, and when I put his firm tongue in my mouth I wanted to hug him. He wouldn’t let me. He put his hands together so I wouldn’t move, and delightfully began licking my nipples. I felt them harden quickly.

sexuality and humor

I wanted to caress him back, but he wouldn’t let me.

My tits exploded in front of every intense blowjob, and a lightning bolt went too fast to my crotch. I asked him to come down, I wanted more tongue in my pussy. I almost begged him when he screamed.

He let go of me and began to eat me very softly, separating my lips with a hungry mouth.

Suddenly it stopped and on the order of “it’s getting late, let’s hurry this up” he pulled out of the blister pack the two Chinese balls he had bought.

I was dripping with liquids. That made it easy to slide the first ball inside out. I swallowed saliva like I ate it. I made some kind of a glup! because of the unusual size. I really wanted something else inside and my body was ready for a similar invasion. Then, as he felt the presence of the first ball, the second ball entered suddenly. I admit it was weird. But it didn’t bother me.

He stretched out his hand so I could get up and get dressed. I was afraid to hear the clink of the balls against the floor. And that’s where the muscles, almost automatically, said,”this is not coming out!”

I’m done getting dressed. The son of a bitch “demanded” me to wear a dress without a panties. I wore a mini shirt.

I refused not to wear underwear, but the little tango I chose as soon as it covered my little stripes.

Walking with this constant tickle in there is very rich. To feel an inner jingle (Palo swore to me that outside was not heard) so close to my points of pleasure is between funny and intense.

My fear of falling out disappeared after a while and I began to enjoy every step.

Little by little I discovered a certain ability to move them without anyone noticing anything. Though my sly smile was present to every clink!

After a while they became my best friends. One can’t spend all the time thinking about sex, but these famous Chinese balls leave me ringing a bell when I go for a walk. And it improved my vaginal strength, which my men are grateful for in surprise.

Just as I didn’t want them to get out of there, I do wonders for their members to enter deeper.

Ah! On the way back from that exhibition – of which I don’t remember anything, hahaha – I had the second part of this experience. Her kissing and caressing helped expel them almost like an ejaculation. I felt the separation of my lips as I pulled the string. They were new spasms. And soaking wet.

My degree of desire, burdened by the unfinished foreplay and the jingle at the Expo, made me wish like never to have Pablo inside.

The Chinese balls were very much approved… couldn’t be bad an ancient tradition so ancient… now, to enjoy them….

Write to me, tell me your stories and experiences, so that together we can discover more tips to enjoy more.

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